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Offering essential services to entrepreneurs, accelerators, and VC firms.

Every day, new companies announce innovations in high technology solutions or breakthroughs in deep tech. They hope that these will turn into commercial successes.

The shocking fact is that only 10% of startups succeed and go on to make a profit or pay back their early investors in full. Remarkably, no market need for the new product is often cited as the Number 1 reason why startups fail.

Establishing that the product/market fit is just right is crucial to the success of a new tech startup. Ensuring that the price/performance offer appeals to early adopters is essential to the growth of a tech scale-up.

It’s a question of runway: how fast can your company get to confirm that the product/market fit and the offer are right before the funding runs out?

Our Mission

Tyliph Partners’ mission is to raise the chances that a tech startup will be one of the successful 10% of new companies. We enable a founder team to confirm that the product/market fit and price/performance offer are right for early adopters, resulting in a successful product launch. We then help drive sales growth by finding qualified prospects and converting them into satisfied customers.


We leverage our extensive network of tech industry experts to help you prove out the validity of the market need for your new product or service.


We scour industry databases to help you identify potential customers, prepare lists of lit targets and potential channel partners.


We help set up marketing and sales programs, present your offering to prospective customers, and establish your presence in distribution channels.

Our Team

Tyliph Partners bring experience, insights and connections in high technology products, technical marketing, and customer relations management to drive your company’s early success.

Tyler Ista

Partner and Co-founder

A graduate of Cal Poly, Tyler is a seasoned technical executive.

With deep experience of new product development, his areas of expertise are mechanical design and engineering.

He is based in San Raphael, California.


Lindsay Powell

Partner and Co-founder

A graduate of the University of Aston in England, Lindsay worked in sales, marketing, and strategic planning roles at 3M in the UK, Europe, and the USA. He was CMO at Tech Ranch Austin assisting international startups to prepare for launch in the USA before co-founding Tyliph Partners. 

Lindsay is a chartered marketer with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He is the programming board co-chair of StartOut Austin and an active angel investor with Gaingels. He divides his time between Austin, Texas, and Wokingham, England.

Phil Whitney

Partner and Co-founder

A seasoned sales executive, Phil has years of experience managing client relationships in many different technology markets.

He has an extensive international network of engineers at all levels of management responsibility.

He is based in San Luis Obispo, California.

Our Offering

After discussing your validation research needs, we arrange meetings with leading customers and industry experts for you to have in-depth conversations about your product/market fit and price/performance offer.

Pre-launch, we help you identify prospective users, distribution channels and media to fine-tune your go-to-market strategy.

At launch, we help you build your sales funnel to get your product/service in front of customers domestically and internationally.

Tyliph Partners offers its clients access to people with actionable insights to achieve successful product launches, and so position your company for long-term prosperity.

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